There is no such thing as ghosts

This story is for a girl I knew in fifth grade. She was apparently murdered. We never found out why.

We usually walked home from school to get to the bus station. Every day we passed by a very old cemetery. You could not see the markings on the grave because they had all faded not that we got very close to the tombstones. We would laugh nervously as we walked through the graveyard. Telling ghost stories. Charity usually came up with the best stories. She swore that they were real but we all knew she had just heard them from her mother. There was no such thing as snakes that you could grow large, feed on tiny babies and had human faces, just like the owner.

Today we were quiet as we walked towards the station. A girl in our class had been murdered and they were saying it was a muti murder. Her body had been found lying in a ditch and her organs were missing. Other stories had surfaced throughout the day as our classmates each had a theory. Some of them said they had heard from their parents that she had been murdered by her own mother who was believed to be a witch.

Her name had been Easter. I had sat next to her in class. She had been very quiet and shy. I had to take care of her and show her around because she was new. She had only been with us for a week, so we did not get to know her for long. At break, she would sit quietly with me and some of my other friends, as I said she did not talk much. She was thin but had the most beautiful hair I had seen. It was jet black and very long. She always had it tied in a simple elastic band.

The stories about her mother and how she was murdered messed me up that day. It was just before midterm exams and all we had to do was revise our work. That meant we had a lot of time to chat. everyone in school kept asking me if I knew what had happened to her and whether her mother was really a witch. I could not reply because I never got to know her at all. I did not even know where she lived.

As we walked on charity asked me if I really knew what had happened. Again, I said I did not and they knew it because I had been with them for most of that weekend.

“come on” charity said, “you sat next to her, didn’t you?”

I got angry and shouted “just because I sat next to her in class, it doesn’t mean I knew everything about her”.

“ok sure, we just wanted to know.  I thought maybe you were waiting to tell us instead. I heard that her mother actually sold her and then they used her body parts for muti”

I was tired of hearing the same story all day. No one had the facts and all we knew was from someone who lived in her neighbourhood.

“charity please just shut up. I don’t think we want to hear any more of your stories today”

“ok, what is wrong with you anyway? We are just talking”

“talk to chewe then I am taking a new route today”

I walked off and fought back tears. I do not know why but suddenly I felt a deep sense of loss. I took a different road. I looked back and charity and chewe went towards our usually route.

I was not familiar with this route and wished I had not been so touchy and had gone with the others. As I walked I realised that the road was leading towards the cemetery. There was no other way I had to go through the cemetery if I wanted to catch the bus on time. It wasent a big cemetery but it was creepy anyway. I hated the idea of dead people, so still and well just dead. As I walked through it trying not to look at the graves I heard someone crying softly. The crying was coming from behind a headstone a few meters ahead. I walked slowly towards it. I poked my head around slowly to see who was there. I gave a startled cry and backed away, I tripped and fell backwards. It was Easter, I could not believe it. She was supposed to be dead. I got up and stared at her. She was sitting on the grave knees up and had her head resting in her arms. I knew it was her because of her hair and the familiar elastic band.

“Easter is that you?”

She did not reply. I walked closer to her and tried to put my hand on her shoulder. Before I could she wailed and lifted her head to face me. I gasped, her eyes were blood shot and there seemed to be blood coming out of them.

“look what they have done to me…look” she shouted.

She up her hands for me to see. They looked like she had been crucified and had huge holes in them.

“look what they have done”

I backed away. This could not be real; she could not be real. Why would they do that to her. Her hands were bleeding a lot and so was her face. Huge tears of blood started flowing. It was a scary sight.

I started to run, and as I was running away I could still hear her shouting “look what they have done” she was shrieking now. I just kept running.

I finally made it to the bus station. I could see charity and chewe sitting down on the benches. They looked up and stared at me. I stood there shaking. I could still hear her shrieks, but they sounded further away now.

“hey what happened to you, look at you your uniform is sweaty. You went the wrong way you know. That road leads through to the graveyard. What did you see a ghost or something?” charity laughed and so did a few of the other kids.

“yes I think so charity, it’s not funny. It was Easter. She was crying. Can’t you hear her?”

“sure, we believe you. Dead Easter appeared to you, her best friend”

It was no use they would never believe me. I sat down next to chewe. She looked concerned.

“are you ok?”

“I don’t know”

I could not sleep for a week.

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