The Wronged – my second novel

I have published my second novel, The Wronged.

Sisters, Naomi and Dorcas, have lost their parents within months of each other. Alone and destitute, the sisters have different views on how to approach the future.

Naomi is a beautiful, smart and wants the best of what life has to offer. She has a matchmaker extraordinaire friend, larger than life, Thandi, who helps her enter the world of dating and ‘hooking a man’. Dorcas is shy, younger and single. She is happy to stay in the township to find a good Christian husband and raise a family.

Things do not go as they planned. Naomi discovers that Thandi is not who she thinks she is, and her boyfriend betrays her. Broke and disappointed she returns to live in the township and finds Dorcas’s life shattered and her faith broken.

The two sisters go on to reconcile their difficult past and navigate the present to find a place to belong.

The novel is set in the present day South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

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