Into the Void

New love risks broken hearts. Who knows what demons can lurk behind the veil of infatuation?

Ash and Wren experience a strong mutual attraction from a chance encounter at an art exhibition. Asha’s quirky indifference and unusual character appeals to Wren, who’s relationship with her partner, Mandisa, is in trouble. 

Asha’s past is like a deep well of pain, her marriage is failing and she reciprocates to meet Wren’s advances. Asha has been hurt before by unrequited love of a woman, but she promises herself that this time it will be different.

When the sexual chemistry disappoints the experienced Wren, she tries to end the relationship but has no knowledge of Asha’s mental health issues. Setting the encounter on a collision course.

Jacqueline Setti Hardman’s Into the Void is set in the affluent suburbs of present-day Johannesburg, South Africa. Her character driven novel explores the use of first-person narrative, and her writing explodes on to the page in this “not your typical girl-meets-girl” modern lit-fiction debut.